Writing YOUR book creates a lead magnet for your business!

One of the suggestions we make when counseling law firm owners is that they have a strong marketing funnel in place. Our strongest recommendation urges those owners to write a book to help them become established as a celebrity or expert in their practice area.

The lead magnet book offers opportunities far too numerous to even outline in one newsletter article. However, pushback from our clients is usually around the time ingredient. The most frequent objection we get is: I just don’t have the time to write this book!

I totally get it. Running a business takes a lot of your time – not to mention, yes, a lot of your brain space. Yet, I have to reiterate how important this book actually is.

When you have a book to tout on your webpage, it instantly elevates your professional status for the website visitor from being a service provider to being something even more special.

Organically, a book immediately screams: THIS ATTORNEY IS AN EXPERT! I can learn a lot from him or her. It not only gives you an opportunity to begin selling yourself to the reader move comma (which is a huge benefit), it also communicates to the person on your website that you know what you are doing and took the time and effort to commit your knowledge to an actual published book.

The book also becomes your calling card. In other words, you are able to leave a copy of your book after you have visited with a contact, met some new contacts at a professional event or were asked to speak at a forum of one kind or another. Your book will have your website, a tracking phone number and an offer for a free consultation—what more will a prospect need?

You can also gain authority in your community with your book. Doors that were otherwise closed to you may be opened with your book. When you have a book to offer to those in attendance while you may be addressing church groups, senior communities, civic clubs and organizations they will remember you every time they see the cover (whether they read it or not). You can assign a staff member to call these groups and offer you up as a local author who has helpful, useful information to offer their members.

Finding the time to write your book can be a challenge. I get that too. It’s possible to have a Done-For-You-Book-Writing service help you with your lead magnet book. If you decide to go this route, be sure to research the writers’ reviews, find testimonials and know what costs are relative to companion services needed to complete the project from graphic artists to designing the book cover to typesetters laying out the book.

You definitely want to be sure you get the best price for the services you need.

Another option is to hire our company to complete your book. If you are interested in discussing this option, write me at [email protected].

We help you write, layout, edit, print and produce your book in less than three months. We’d love to help you rise to “celebrity author” status in three short months.

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