What are the Benefits of Infusionsoft Software?

Infusionsoft Software Benefits

More than 125,000 people use Infusionsoft to save time, get organized, and increase sales. The tool is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform and is designed for small companies that operate online, provide on-the-go services, or have physical locations. The platform integrates sales and marketing automation, making it particularly suitable for new e-commerce businesses looking for an all-in-one sales and marketing tool. But what are the benefits of Infusionsoft software?

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What are the Key Features of Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft’s two primary CRM products are equipped with invoicing and payment processing features, allowing you to quickly go from lead capture to closing the sale. Few other software providers, in fact, provide as many features with their entry-level plans. Some of the most loved functions, such as the e-commerce and lead scoring capabilities, are, however, limited to the most expensive Max plan.


Infusionsoft offers advanced automation, which can liberate you from repetitive tasks and tedious activities. To do this, the platform employs simple automations based on “when-then scenarios.” When a public form is submitted, for example, Infusionsoft quickly sends you a notice and a confirmation email to your new contact. The possibilities for automation are practically limitless. Infusionsoft also includes a variety of pre-designed templates for landing page leads, deal offers, and invoice reminders.

Lead Scoring

The Max plan includes the lead-scoring features. This feature evaluates potential customers’ interest according to their level of engagement, which includes data from web forms submitted, clicked links, opened emails, and tags you apply. You may adjust the value or weight for any variable and subtract points depending on given conditions, such as when a contact doesn’t open or interact with a new email marketing campaign. Lead scoring may be utilized to boost productivity and generate revenue when combined with a sales plan based on your team members’ expertise and experience.

E-Commerce Payments

Infusionsoft’s native invoicing, as well as payment processing solutions, may help you get paid quicker while also offering safe payment options to your clients, such as credit cards, debit cards, Venmo, PayPal, and other payment platforms. Infusionsoft Payment processors like Eway, EVO Payments, PayPal, Stripe, Nexus Merchants, and WePay (Chase) have dedicated, partnership-level integrations with Infusionsoft. Fees and terms processes differ by provider, with some offering same-day deposits. You may raise your average cart value with upsells or promotions at checkout and deploy abandoned-cart automation to persuade customers to purchase again.


Infusionsoft integrates with over 2,500 different platforms and tools. No other CRM vendor links with as many apps that help a small business run smoothly. Infusionsoft’s marketplace has integrations for lead generation, email, pre-built campaigns, specialty apps, and more. Infusionsoft’s integrations, on the other hand, are one of the most costly CRM providers in the market.

What are the Benefits of Infusionsoft Software?


Infusionsoft is an internet-based software that allows a small business owner to manage all of their tasks, organize work, save time, and boost revenue. Your company’s sales and marketing operations can be automated in order to maintain a consistent brand message across campaigns and provide personalized customer support. The software can assist you in providing effective and professional service, which will undoubtedly improve your reputation with your clients.

One of the numerous benefits of Infusionsoft is that having all of your client information in one place enables your sales rep to perform more effectively and eliminates wasteful activities. Your team members may access the entirely secure data from any internet-connected device, from anywhere.

Infusionsoft provides powerful marketing automation tools to connect you with prospects through offline channels, email, and social media. You do not have to invest in several online sales systems since one product includes everything you need to create an online shop, handle billing and collections, do after-purchase follow-up, and much more.

Infusionsoft combines eCommerce, CRM, marketing automation feature, and contact management into a single online system. However, Infusionsoft also brings other benefits to small businesses, such as:

  • A visual sales pipeline makes it easy to establish a personalized sales process, with 75% of users today reporting that Infusionsoft helps them generate more business.
  • A redesigned mobile interface allows small firms to be productive while on the road, with 89% of users saying that Infusionsoft helps them manage their businesses more smoothly.
  • 90% of Infusionsoft payments users say they are being paid faster today, and newly designed invoices make them appear more professional to clients.
  • All customers enjoy access to on-demand marketing coaches and 1,500 Infusionsoft partners with industry-specific expertise.


Several different price tiers are available for Infusionsoft, each with its own set of features, amount of users, contacts, and monthly email limits. For example, the $199 per month Essentials Plan provides 3 users, 2500 contacts, and 12,500 emails each month. It exclusively offers CRM and marketing automation. Higher-level plans have various combinations of those components. In addition to the plan, a one-time Kickstart package may help a firm in establishing and operating the platform. A user can receive a free quote after picking a plan and a Kickstart package.

Why Do We Choose Infusionsoft for Ease of Use?

Infusionsoft is an easy-to-use, all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) platform with built-in sales and marketing automation functions. The advantage of using this platform is to help you build your business, with the idea that you are not an expert in sales pipelines or CRMs. You will be able to automate emails, alerts, and tasks using automated triggers for when a transaction moves from one point to another after beginning with a pre-built sales pipeline template.

Infusionsoft helps business owners successfully measure success by providing analytics and reports for list growth, email marketing performance, and revenue patterns over time. It consolidates all of your client contact information and activities into a single location. All of your customer interactions are automatically saved to their account, so any person on your team can quickly check them. You can arrange information chronologically or by category to quickly find the context that you need. With just a single click, you can call, email, text, process a transaction, make an appointment, add an invoice, and a lot more from the contact dashboard. You can also segment your contact list into groups to conveniently trigger automatic actions depending on the activities of a group member.

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