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  • Turn More Leads into Paying Clients
  • Optimize Your Sales Process
  • Increase Your Closing Rate Without Hefty Marketing Expenses

Who We Are Not

We’re not your typical practice management program that fills your social feed with vague promises. We’re not another marketing agency or lead generation company and won’t offer paid/hourly consultations.

What We Do

Our focus is clear – we specialize in optimizing the sales process for law firms. Over the past two years, we’ve achieved remarkable results, helping law firms across 10+ practice areas generate over $6.5 million in additional revenue.

We’re Legal Sales Experts, And We Work Exclusively For Law Firms


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Are You Ready for A Change?

If you’re looking to:

  • Turn more leads into paying clients.
  • Cut down on marketing and advertising expenses.
  • Free yourself from the consultation room.
  • Empower your team to close deals effectively.

The Closing Room Is Your Answer!

Michael Patrick Strauch (MPS)

Meet The Driving Force Behind the Closing Room

He’s a legal sales expert with a unique background. With no prior experience in law firms, he took on the challenge two years ago. His mission? To prove that a structured sales approach could work in the legal world.

In just 90 days, MPS helped a law firm in Towson, MD, increase their closing rate from 50% to an impressive 84%, even during the challenging times of COVID. This achievement laid the foundation for The Closing Room, where MPS has worked across various practice areas, consistently delivering impressive results.

Targeting The Problem:

What’s Holding Your Law Firm Back?

If you’re constantly scratching your head over what’s causing the prospect conversion decline, it might be time to consider what your law firm is doing and how it can be done better – by eliminating two simple assumptions!

You Are Customizing Every Consultation

You Are Customizing Every Consultation:

It’s odd that most law firms believe each consultation must be customized for each prospect. While put forward with the best intentions, this approach often lacks consistency and can lead to unpredictable results.

The Closing Room believes in a structured system that consistently converts between 60-80% of leads into paying clients.

You Think Bigger Marketing Spend Equals More Clients

You Think Bigger Marketing Spend Equals More Clients:

Pouring money into marketing without addressing your close rate is like treating the symptoms, not the root cause. We focus on fixing your close rate first, ensuring you get the most out of your marketing investments.

Embrace A New Perspective:

Convert More Leads into Clients!

We understand that “sales” can have negative connotations, but at The Closing Room, we believe that sales are about doing what’s best for your clients. If you’re the best in your practice area, you have an ethical obligation to help your prospects.

The Keys to Success:

Unlocking your law firm’s potential requires three key elements:

Goal-Oriented Consultations

Goal-Oriented Consultations

Shift your consultation’s focus from providing legal advice to closing the deal.

Step-by-Step Structure

Implement a proven structure that works consistently for your law firm.

Word-for-Word Scripting

Use a script that ensures every consultation is on point and effective.

“Sales is NOT something we do TO our clients,
it’s something we do FOR our clients.”

- Zig Ziglar

Choose Your Path!

You CAN Do-It-Yourself

BUT We Can Help You!

Client Success Stories

Our firm switched to non-attorney salespeople and I couldn’t be happier!
Client Success Stories
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-Attorney Jeff Hughes of Sterling Lawyers – Illinois & Wisconsin

More Client Success Stories

Attorney James Jones Your Practice Mastered
Estate Planning

Attorney James Jones

As a law firm owner, I faced challenges in maintaining a consistent close rate and growing my business. That changed when I partnered with The Closing Room.

The Closing Room helped me boost my close rate from 50% to 84% in just six weeks. That translated to an additional $158,000 in revenue. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable, emphasizing the importance of a structured consultation approach.

I’m grateful for The Closing Room’s support in improving my close rate, adding revenue, and fueling my business growth. I highly recommend them to fellow law firm owners aiming for the next level.

Attorney Andres Your Practice Mastered

Attorney Andres Mejer

Since joining The Closing Room, we have increased our hire rate by 165%. This has certainly made an impact on our gross sales, and we look forward to continued growth.

Attorney Howard Your Practice Mastered

Attorney Howard Snader

I knew we could do better with our sales but needed the right guidance. Enter Michael and The Closing Room’s sales training program.

After just one session, we saw immediate improvements. Quicker, easier, and above-average retainers became the norm. The simplicity of the changes, combined with consistent practice and review, is already leading to significant hires at higher rates.

We’re thrilled with the instant results, and we can’t wait to see what happens as our team continues to practice and receive training from The Closing Room.

Attorney Karina Your Practice Mastered

Attorney Karina Lucid

Since joining The Closing Room, we have increased our hire rate by 180%. We started with a 25% hire rate that would fluctuate and are proud to say we now have a consistent 70% hire rate. The Closing Room has certainly made a positive impact on our firm.

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