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The Critical Weakness Law Firms Need to Know in 2023

The Critical Weakness Law Firms Need to Know in 2023

In this compelling episode of “Your Practice Mastered,” hosts Richard James and Michael Patrick Strauch address key challenges limiting law firms’ growth.

Together, they unpack three main issues: knowledge deficit, the bottleneck phenomenon, and the allure of the “bright and shiny” — highlighting the importance of leveraging technology, understanding firm metrics, and effectively delegating tasks.

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How to Rule the Law Firm Marketing Game: Insights and Strategies from Top Entrepreneurs

How to Rule the Law Firm Marketing Game: Insights and Strategies from top Entrepreneurs

This is Episode 02 of Your Practice Mastered. Michael Patrick Strauch and Richard James explore various strategies and tactics to help law firm owners navigate the complex world of marketing, lead generation, and lead conversion. Join our hosts as they discuss the importance of establishing a strong lead conversion machine, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts in driving qualified leads and converting them into clients.

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Breaking Down the Intake Process

Breaking Down the Intake Process

This is Your Practice Mastered Podcast! Today, our hosts Michael Patrick Strauch and Richard James break down the importance of fixing your intake process and how it can unlock a goldmine of opportunities for your firm.

Join MPS and Richard as they talk about the intake process and the benefits it unlocks for your firm once you have that intake process fixed.

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About The Podcast

Welcome to the Your Practice Mastered Podcast, where the legal industry meets entrepreneurial excellence. Are you an ambitious law firm owner facing the daily challenges of client acquisition, workflow management, and the pursuit of professional freedom? You’re not alone.

Join us on a weekly journey into the world of legal entrepreneurship, where we connect you with like-minded attorneys and entrepreneurs who’ve walked in your shoes. Our mission is clear: to inspire and empower you to become the best law firm owner you can be.

Meet your hosts:
Richard James: With over 15 years of experience in the legal industry, Richard James knows what it takes to build a thriving law firm. He started a law firm from zero to $3.5 million in revenue in just 2.5 years. Since then, he has guided more than 900 attorneys on the path to sustainable success, helping them make a more significant impact on their clients’ lives.
MPS: Working directly with attorneys, MPS has honed his expertise in improving consultation rates. He’s elevated average law firm close rates from 33% to an impressive 64%. This not only increases case value but also boosts initial consultations, resulting in overall revenue growth. MPS is dedicated to optimizing the sales process for legal professionals.
At Your Practice Mastered, we’re here to bridge the gap between legal practice and entrepreneurial mastery. Our podcast offers actionable insights, inspirational stories, and expert guidance to help you navigate the challenges of running a law firm while achieving your goals for growth and success.
Join us each week as we explore the strategies, mindset shifts, and real-world experiences that can transform your law practice. It’s time to unlock your full potential as a law firm owner and make a positive impact on your clients and your bottom line.