Are your prospects SHOCKED and AWED? Or are they fast asleep?

Nothing quite builds loyalty and interest in your company like the Shock and Awe package.

What’s a ‘Shock and Awe’ package, you ask?

Let me tell you about the latest one I received one quite different than it’s likely you will ever send to your prospects.

The other day, the FEDEX guy rang the doorbell and hopped back on his truck. In January, we consider it our duty to give our FEDEX guy a rest since we do 90% of our holiday buying online. I wasn’t expecting anything so imagine my surprise when I carried in a large, square, glossy yellow box with a large BRIGHT PINK PIG on the side of the box.

What in the world could THAT be? Immediately, I thought of Ralphie’s gift from his aunt in A Christmas Story: the pink bunny PJs. You know the ones Ralphie’s father decides make Ralphie look like a pink nightmare? Well, it wasn’t a pair of PJs from any aunts we have, instead it was a box introducing the new product from the people who bring our pups Beggin’ Strips. Beggin’ Party Poppers are new dog treats that come with their own interactive fun popper launcher, as you can see from the video.

ANYWAY, someone in our family had LIKED the page for the new product and had thus earned the surprise. In the box was the reusable launcher/jar full of treats, two refill bags, a bright yellow T-Shirt with the pink pig emblazoned across it and finally, a pair of BRIGHT PINK SUNGLASSES. Now THAT is SHOCKING and AWE-INSPIRING!

When your prospects set an appointment, one way to be sure they show up is to have a Shock and Awe package sent to them. Naturally, your practice would not likely send a package like my pink beggin’ party popper but instead, a package that endears them to your firm, informs them of the law process you practice and gives them a sense that they are about to have ALL of their issues resolved by your incredibly capable and effective staff.

What’s in the package? You may enclose all of the materials you have that explains who you are, what your firm does and why they made the right decision making an appointment for a consultation with you: brochures; forms to fill out; a small gift like a calendar or tip calculator; pictures of your staff…you name it. The package should be full and bulky and should leave them AWESTRUCK! These packages can have the prospect set to hire you before they ever even walk in your door.

So SHOCK and AWE those prospects this year and watch your conversion rate POP!

Building a better business, one SHOCK and AWE package at a time.


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